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Places To Go

Miss. Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Given to the United States by France in 1886, believed to be a gift from the French because of New York's recent Declaration of Independence, she stands at a whopping 151" 1 inch tall! You can get to Ellis Island via the ferry which leaves every hour. Your have to leave early, as because of 9/11, only 3000 people a day are allowed there. The ferry trip its self last's for about an hour.

Empire State

The Empire State Building

With view's which are unlimited on a clear day, this is one you cant miss. What you can see from it is just unbelievable, you'd never think you could see so much. Here's some picture's which I took - amazing huh?
Empire State - View 1 Empire State - View 2 Empire State - View 3 [Click them for a bigger image]

NBC Studio's

NBC Studio's

Now this is where all the action is! Visit the world famous TV centre, and see the real set of America's news programme, and sets for the Late Night with Conan O' Brien show and even Saturday Night Live! Tickets cost £10 and the tour lasts for about an hour. Trust me, you do not want to miss this. And for any budding weathermen (or woman!), do this! (You'll see what I mean!)

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall

The world famous Radio City Music Hall; where some of the world's most greatest actors and actress's have performed. The tour costs £10, and you'll see all around it, and even in the many back stage areas! If that wasn’t enough, your also meet one of the Rockettes (and trust me, you'll want to :] ) Radio City Music Hall - View 1 Radio City Music Hall - View 2 Radio City Music Hall - View 3 [Click them for a bigger image]

Times Square at night

Times Square

I'd say it's the busiest street in the world. It has more ads then an online dating website, and some of the things down it are amazing. It's hard to explain in words, so here's some pictures I took. Times Square - View 1 Times Square - View 2 Times Square - View 3
[Click them for a bigger image]

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The links above will give you all you need to know if you visit the city.