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The Original Cab Getting around the city can be quite hard, especially if you havn't got a map! If it's only a short journey your taking, the best idea is to take a cab. However make sure it is fully licensed, and just stick your hand out in the street when one's coming (every 10 secs), and yeah - it is just like in the movies!

If your journey is a long one, or you just want to go on the subway for kicks, check out the paragraph below.

The Subway and Bus

34th Street Station In New York, there is a "hole" on 1/3 corners on every block which will take you to the underground subway network. It will be highly busy down there, especially during the day, so keep an eye on your personal belongings and those around you. There will of course be information desks, which maps to hand should you need one. Transport cost will only be around &1-2 or less, so it's not that much.

In the subway isnt your thing, there is a bus service available. If you go to the nearest bus station (find one by asking someone, of a NYPD office) and they're be able to help you.

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