I Love NY.co.uk - The British Guide to New York City

"The City That Never Sleeps"

Brooklyn Bridge at night Hello and welcome to I Love NY.co.uk, a website created to show the UK all about the wonderful, New York city. Here you'll find all you need to know about the city. This would be where to stay, how to get around (transport!), things to see and much more. There are also some very interesting facts about New York! And finally, there is a page with the useful info, such as currency conversions, time zones etc..

A Brief Summary

The NEW Statue of Liberty! New York has the biggest population in the America, and is well known for its major influences on the world today. It's home to some of the most famous landmarks and historical events ever, such as the Statue of Liberty, and the well known Times Square. It's known as the city that never sleep's because of its 24/7 subway and the streets are always packed at any hour full of clubbers, taxi's, and the local police, the NYPD. The temperature over there is mainly the same as ours in the summer, however winters can be quite cold. It's also home to the worlds biggest store, Macy's.

The links above will give you all you need to know if you visit the city.